Product Overview

  • Indigent Management

    • Potential indigent Identification
    • Database maintenance and cross modelling to external sources
    • Analysis, audit and verification of existing indigents
    • Minimising indigent registration fraud
  • Revenue Enhancement & Training

    • Collectability analysis
    • Executive Summaries and business intelligence reports
    • Provider of specialised training:
    • Soft Skills
    • Credit Management and Debt Collection
    • Data Analysis & Interpretation
    • Contactability reports and updates
    • Exception reporting, including performance tracking and trend analysis
  • Risk, Compliance & Advisory

    • Fraud and alert services
    • Forensic Support
    • Scorecard Development
    • Auditor General
    • Queries Assistance
    • Policy Review
  • Data Enrichment & Cleansing

    • Data Updates and Cleaning
    • Incomplete / Invalid ID Numbers
    • Correcting Accounts
    • Business critical integration and overlay of data from various sources
    • Batch updates to correct and enhance large data sets
    • Campaigns and project support to clients
    • Data preparation and modelling
  • Supply Chain Management

    • Bureau conflict reports
    • Vendors
    • Staff
    • State employees
    • Cross match vendors to various databases to regulate procurement practices eg. National tender blacklist
    • Reporting to assist with tender evaluation
    • PFMA Compliance support

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Many benefits arise from informed decision making:

• Revenue enhancement
• Improved service delivery
• The prevention of procurement fraud and corruption
• Increased social upliftment programmes arising from improved revenue and service delivery
• Fewer Auditor General queries
• Intelligent credit management strategies and solutions
• Indigent identification
• Risk Mitigations

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